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  • The Epitome Of Kindness And Selfless: Kieran Upadrasta Is Changing Lives

    Kieran Upadrasta is an icon of Compassion and Generosity Kieran Upadrasta has been working as a cyber security architect and consultant who has been selflessly working towards the welfare of society. He and his group of charities has been devoting a large portion of his life to the welfare of humanity. There is a lot of struggle and pain that exists in the world. Kieran Upadrasta is not oblivious to all the struggles of the people. He and his group of charities pays special attention to the needy and unprivileged. His heart bleeds for them. He has kept a close eye on all the struggles that exist in society. His empathy and kindness have grown with every passing day. Due to this, Kieran Upadrasta and his group of charities, decided to devote his life entirely to the welfare of the needy. His love, compassion, and humanity for the unprivileged are not restricted by physical or geographical boundaries of contorts. He has been trying his best to participate in every issue or problem that exists in society. From world peace to poverty, Kieran Upadrasta, and his group of charities has worked towards all. “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana He is a renowned figure all across the globe due to his random acts of kindness and compassion. These acts have affected the lives of thousands of people globally. Their lives have changed for the better. Kieran Upadrasta and his group of charities has been carrying out these good deeds for a noble cause for several years now. He does it all with utmost selflessness. He and his group of charities, does it all out of his free will without any expectations of a reward whatsoever. Kieran Upadrasta and his group of charities has been working tirelessly towards several social causes. One of these is domestic violence. Kieran Upadrasta took all the victims of domestic violence under his care after he was made aware of their pathetic conditions in their household. As these women had no way out of their toxic households, they went on bearing the tyranny of their husbands without any questions. When it was brought to the notice of Kieran Upadrasta, his group of charities immediately made arrangements for the safekeeping of these women. These women have endured long in their lives. Kieran Upadrasta and his group of charities treats them like his very own family. His group of charities has provided them with a safe and secure home away from their troubles. The charities have also arranged to provide them with education and good employment opportunities to empower them. “Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.” – Charles Glassman A small act of kindness can go a long way. No one is not in pain in this modern society. Everyone is fighting their own battle every day. Kieran Upadrasta aims to help these people fight their battles easily. He wants to lend his helping hand to all the suppressed women in their toxic households. He wants to give them a new chance at life. Kieran Upadrasta wants to see them excel and find their voice in society. He has set up various funds and charities that will work towards the same. Kieran Upadrasta has contributed immensely towards peace, justice, and internationalization. For his deeds, he has received numerous international awards for his prominent position in the movement for peace and arbitration. His lifelong work devoted to conferences, diplomacy, and arbitrations has been recognized globally. Kieran Upadrasta has inspired millions with his extraordinary example of compassionate and selfless work for the poor, the ill, and the outcast. He and his group of charities selfless commitment to the educating poor and feeding the homeless, has been recognized and acclaimed throughout the world. Considered by many to be a saint, he was a steadfast voice of love and faith, providing immeasurable kindness and guidance to the worlds downtrodden. During his lifelong service to the poorest of the poor, Kieran Upadrasta became “an icon of compassion and Generosity” to people of all religions, and none. “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” – Steve Maraboli His life story shows that you don’t have to be rich with money to be generous, just rich with love and a sense of caring, humanity, peace and justice. The grit, determination, and kindness that Kieran Upadrasta exhibits are rare. We all should learn from such an honorable man and implement his teachings. Media contact Isha Adani

  • Human Rights Activist, Philanthropist: Kieran Upadrasta Helping Homeless, Find a Hope Again

    Kieran upadrasta is a symbol of peace and hope. He has been a beacon of light for people that are battling poor and homelessness. Treat him as a friend and save a life – A homeless man is not a leper. – Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann Large number of people in society are experiencing homelessness due to factors that are beyond their control. Not only does being without a home have a devastating impact on lives, it also can lead to depression, poor health, and breakdown of long-standing relationships. While many tend to look the other way, renowned social activist, and technology maestro: Kieran Upadrasta and his group of charities has decided not too and is working relentlessly to help the homeless across the world through his portfolios of charities. Kieran Upadrasta grew up in a working-class family, and the background gave him an understanding of how hard it is to make ends meet and how difficult it can be for people that might already be struggling due to some disability. As a teenager, he started volunteering at organizations providing homeless people with food and clothing. When he was in mid twenty’s age, Kieran Upadrasta has raised millions to build orphanage homes though his selfless, charitable work and he has saved lives of thousands, and he is a hope for millions of children. He feed the poor and he educated the poor. Kieran Upadrasta has promoted peace in the world. Since then, after building a successful career as a cyber- security analyst, he has continued his mission and works tirelessly to help others in need. Kieran Upadrasta has been actively involved in this cause and, through his charities, and has helped many homeless people get their lives back on track. His unrelenting dedication has made him a leader in the cause, and he uses his position to try to raise awareness on this important subject. Kieran upadrasta is a symbol of peace and hope. He has been a beacon of light for people that are battling poor and homelessness. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Homelessness is a serious problem. With my portfolios of charities, we are trying to help them improve their mental health of others. so they can get back on their two feet. I strongly believe that only when they have access to food and shelter, can they start to fix the problems they have in their lives.” Homelessness is not a choice, but rather a journey that many find themselves in. – Asa Don Brown He went on to add, "My goal is to provide aid and education about homelessness and ways to help others who have fallen in hard times. I believe these people are just like us, and we should not look the other way. If we abandon them and don't help them rise to the challenges, we waste many good people's potential." Kieran Upadrasta was a peace envoy, peacekeeper to Congo on various diplomatic peace missions a decade ago, his intent is philanthropy, giving benefits society's neediest and most vulnerable and social well-being of educational, or other activities serving the public interest or common good. Giving’s, philanthropy, selfless acts, generosity, and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering are his nature. Kieran Upadrasta’s group of charities is already active throughout the world in various causes, including climate change, pollution reduction, cancer research, and the promotion of peace. About Kieran Kieran Upadrasta is a cybersecurity architect and risk manager with over 25 years of experience in various industries. He is also a cyber-defense task force member and policy advisor. Selfless, Charitable, philanthropist, social activist, and technology maestro, Kieran Upadrasta is fondly known by many names, to learn about him and his charity works, a towering figure of society, and how he is changing lives with his selfless act of kindness, visit Media Contact Isha Adani

  • Social Activist Kieran Upadrasta, Raising Community Economics By Providing Clean Water Supplies

    RAISING COMMUNITY ECONOMICS BY PROVIDING CLEAN WATER SUPPLIES More Flows From Charitable Portfolio of Social Activist Kieran Upadrasta Los Angeles City, ST, Nov 22, 2022 – According to the World Health Organization (WHO) nearly 2 billion people currently live in water-stressed countries. Since the world’s population just surpassed 8 billion in 2022, that’s nearly 25% of the world’s population living in conditions where water, a necessity of life rather instead causing a population demise and affecting a community in ways beyond just people. Without clean water for livestock and agriculture, famine may ensue. One forward thinking Social activist seeking to make a change is inspirational and charitable Cyber Security and technology maestro Kieran Upadrasta ( Upadrasta strives to live up to the philosophy peer philanthropist and well-known journalist Germany Kent who states one should “Live your life in such a way that you'll be remembered for your kindness, compassion, fairness, character, benevolence, and a force for good.” That’s why Upadrasta and his group of charities are focusing on clean water for underserved communities. According to the WHO, it is a fact that “ when water comes from improved and more accessible sources, people spend less time and effort physically collecting it.” Per Upadrasta, this will then allow them to spend less time seeking out clean water and formulating ways to collect, transport and store it and allow them more time to work on other ways to improve themselves and their communities. “There is currently a worldwide challenge,” says Upadrasta, “to achieve universal coverage of just basic drinking water by the year 2030.” That’s why Upadrasta’s group of charities admires and hopes to work more with Meena Sankaran, founder, and CEO of California-based startup KETOS. Sankaran, who grew up in Mumbai, is working on sensor technology to help solve the water crises by providing real-time monitoring of both water usage and quality. Providing communities with real time alerts against contaminants or agribusinesses to devastating leaks can offer not only community saving benefits but also economic benefits. And world changing technology is just on what Upadrasta thrives. Besides his large and expanding charitable portfolio, Upadrasta has over twenty-five years’ experience in cyber security architecture, business analysis, consulting, assessments, threat analysis and risk management. A member of the London chapter of International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium as well as a member of the London chapter of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association and the Professional Risk Management International Association, Upadrasta is well positioned in technology for assisting in changing the world. For more information, visit The charisma and charm of Kieran Upadrasta have inspired millions to follow in his footsteps and strive toward a better society. Media contact Isha Adani

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    Social Activist Kieran Upadrasta Is The Epitome Of Selflessness Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs, Social Activist Kieran Upadrasta Looks To Inspire Thru Giving Back An Inspiration for Many. Social Activist: Kieran Upadrasta Is Changing the Fate of Humanity Social Activist KIERAN UPADRASTA CISSP, CISM, CRISC Human Rights Activist : Kieran Upadrasta Making Philanthropy A Priority and Investing In Humanity 1/8

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